E-Commerce benefits

Let’s Get Online!

Sajal Sinha 01. februar 2016

Online shopping and e-commerce are rising in this age of technology, but there are some traditional businesses that are still not marketing their products online. If you are the one following one of the old school ways, now is the time to change that.

A lot of people do not sell products online because they doubt it applies to their own industry. E-commerce has advanced so much in the past years that even the smallest businesses are finding ways to expand through online marketing. In 2015, online sales moved up to $3.5 trillion around the world. The above mentioned are the positive aspects of taking your business to the next level by selling online.

Minimal Investment

Investing in online marketing only requires a website to begin with. If you are a newbie starting up a business, it’s better to start it online. If you have a shop or you are planning to open up one, costs the rent and taxes you have to pay with it. Furthermore, you can cut costs by getting online. E-commerce does all the work of billing and managing which requires less employees and less spending on developing web-shop, maintenance and repair.  Your catalogues remain up to date and less printing every time you bring some change in pricing or introduce new products.

e-commerce with minimum investment

Easy Access

Unlike traditional ways, online shopping is accessible anywhere you go. If you want to take a vacation out with family and don’t want to miss out on your business, you can easily access your shop online. You could be anywhere in the world and still not have to close your shop. Imagine the profits you would be earning in no time, even while you’re on a vacation.

e-commerce easy access

Always Open

As you can access your business anytime you want, so can your customers. You don’t have to open your shop from 9 to 5 manually, when you can keep it open 24/7. You don’t have to be bothered about your international buyers and the time differences. You will be easily getting orders, even while you sleep.

e-commerce is always open

Go Global

Selling online will increase your market reach. It helps you get global as online marketing works beyond borders. You can make your business international and earn more in foreign currency. This will get you more revenues. It will also help you reach out to the desired audience for your goods and services.

e-commerce is a global shop

Taken Seriously

Making your presence online will give your buyers the impression of the seriousness of your business and proper management of things. It will make your brand globally known if your products and services are of equal worth.

e-commerce is taken seriously

Internet, in general, has made our lives easier. If your business is not helping you earn profits, it can be because it is not reaching the target audience or is not accessible to everyone. Let DNA-Design help your business move towards the right side of the internet.