Increase your website traffic

Increase your website traffic

Sajal Sinha 26. maj 2015

Here’s the truth about website traffic, no organization can survive without customers. In this era, every business needs a website. A website can really help you increase the number of customers if you use it right. Let’s talk about the methods that can grow your business by increasing the traffic on your website.


For obvious reasons, advertising can increase your branding and bring your website to the front of people.


The key point is whether you just want more traffic to create awareness or do you want to increase conversions too? Each paid advertising channel has their pros and cons. All you have to do is to plan and strategies carefully on how you want to advertise before you spend money.

Social network

Like we all know, there are more than 2.5 billion users on the social network. If you are a pro-communicator, use your skills to spread your words in promoting your product. If not, hire the professionals and they will take care of your business promotions.

Social network

Search engine optimization

Optimizing your website content for search engines is valuable and one of the top practices. To write the content on your website, use the combination of various lengths and format, it really attracts different kind of readers. Keeping a good content and relevant images, gives the visitors a nice impact and allows you to make them stay on your website.

SEO Search engine optimisation keyword

Using meta tags, it will generate visibility for your website on search engines like google, bing, yahoo, etc. In metadata, target long tail keywords, they account for the majority of web searches.

Referral traffic

Instead of pursuing other websites to link back to your websites, which is actually a tedious and time-intensive procedure, create content that you yourself has to link to various times. Meaning, create a link to your web page with detailed information about your product in a blog post or social media. How? Write an attractive and meaningful punch line that defines your product and say, “Hey, if you are unclear OR if you are interested, click here to read more”. You can get more details from the experts.


Responsive website

One of the most important factors, a mobile friendly website. If you are somewhere (or travelling) and you see an advertisement, do you note down the link or the name on a paper? Or do you immediately take out your phone or tablet and browse that right away?

Responsive web design

There are several reasons for keeping the website responsive and one of them is the search engine optimization and ease of sharing links among viewers regardless of what device they are on. You can read more about responsive web design from my previous blog, Think Responsive Web Design – Think Business

Website speed

No matter what you do, if your website doesn’t run fast, all the above efforts are just a waste.


In my previous blog about 10 Reasons your website must be upgraded, you can really understand why people just leave a slow running websites and lands on the competitor’s website. If your website is not fast enough, you will lose customers.