We createbrand affinity

The fundamental things apply, as time goes by.

Digital evolution has impacted the way we interact so dramatically, it can feel like all the rules of engagement have changed, for now and forever.

Yet branding is still essentially about identity and storytelling.

We use insights to identify the right use of digital space, and then align brand identity and storytelling to maximise brand preference and competitive advantage.

We call it brand affinity.

When you earn money, we earn money

The old agency model of selling hours is dying. Sure, we can invoice the hours we spend on a project, but to be honest, we would rather be paid for the results we create.

There’s something to be said about small, agile teams

We’re a close-knit, highly-qualified team of art directors, developers and digital communications experts. We are all digital natives, with zeroes and ones coursing through our veins.

Being a small, multi-disciplinary digital agency means that we are never bogged down by red tape or long chains of command. That makes us faster, of course, but also means our clients never have to choke on invoices top-heavy with internal administration fees.

Meet the team
DNA Design Testimonial

Our clients say...

"DNA Design gave us a diagnosis and a cure for our website. Both we and our users were extremely delighted with the result".

Jeppe WeinrichHead of Information & PR, Danish Athletics Federation

"After years of explosive growth, we needed a digital partner who could help us develop our profile and digital processes. In DNA Design we have found our perfect match."

Peter KlarisCEO, Comway

Homes and Housing
"My website is the alpha and omega of my business, because it's on the net that my customers find me. DNA Design has helped me to communicate both my services and housing in a beautiful and user-friendly way."

Camilla BarfoedOwner, Homes & Housing

We love exciting challenges
– They force us to think anew