Ancient traditions in modern settings

Hamsa Yoga Studio is the hub of yoga in Copenhagen. Its a mecca for the bourgeoisie and the rebel. Its a yoga school with deep roots in the timeless wisdom of ancient traditions but at the same time flirting with the modern world.

A digital platform in the Hamsa Yoga’s spirit

Our task was to modernise Hamsa Yoga’s digital platforms and make them more effective and intuitive. At the same time it was important that the visual experience was inline with the spirit of Hamsa Yoga.

A holistic and modern solution

We developed Hamsa Yoga’s digital platforms that consists of a website, a webshop, an administrative- and economic management system, newsletters, SMS, booking- and checkin system for team training. Everything was developed in an intuitive, simple and user-friendly design where colours and imagery is coherent with the harmony and spiritual characterises of Hamsa Yoga.

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