A new way of sharing

The Yacht club is a new sharing economy enterprise that makes it accessible for more people to realise their dream to own a Yacht. As a member of The Yacht club you will own two Yachts with 8, 14 or 19 other members.

A monthly subscription fee secure that professionals will take care of all the practical and administrative matters involving the Yachts and when the Yachts are not are not being used by the members, they are accessible for charter on a seperate charter website also developed  by DNA Design.

Sailing a 360° communication strategy

DNA Design is behind all brand materials. We developed a website where imagery and video took on an important role in selling the dream. We helped with everything from copywriting and strategic consultation ensuring that the concept was easy to understand. Furthermore we developed a separate Charter website using the same template to ensure that the Yacht Club can profit from their Yachts when they’re accessible.

Explore the website

 Staging the great adventures

We assisted with the Art Direction of the promo-video and the imagery to highlight all the great adventures one can explore as a Yacht owner and we also developed a Motion Graphic to easily explain how the concept works.

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Make the dream a reality

Se case video Play video

The Yacht Club concept

Registering leads

Our platform support the signup proces of potential Yacht Clubs members. It is used at fairs where potential members are registered and invited for info-meetings.