Small team, big ideas

We’re a close-knit, highly-qualified team of art directors, developers and digital communications experts. We are all digital natives, with zeroes and ones coursing through our veins.

Ideas pull the trigger,
instinct loads the gun

Senai Solommon

Senai Solommon


The Business builder & strategist

Senai founded DNA Design in 2007. He paints the big picture and guides clients across digital disciplines, making sure that strategy integrates with execution.

A hoarder of knowledge, his mantra is curiosity, focus & diligence.

Education: Master's degree in International Business Communication from Copenhagen Business School.

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Read the words,
feel the attitude

Linda Yongkhong Hansen

Linda Yongkhong Hansen

/ Digital & Social Media Strategist

The User Psychologist & people person

Linda’s skillset spans communication, perception psychology, cognition, and digital strategy, so it’s no surprise that she has fine instincts when it comes to social media.

Linda lives in the middle of a Venn diagram, with sets representing emotions, senses, thoughts, and actions.

Education: Master of Arts in Media, Cognition and Communication from Copenhagen University.

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The devil is in the details

Abdel Seoud

Abdel Seoud

/ Head of Development

The Media Architect & Ninja

Every team needs a great tech all-rounder. At DNA Design, that’s Abdel.

Effortlessly making the connection between business strategy and media technology, his development credentials include CMS systems, online shops, portals, E-learning platforms, games, apps and more. His experience, wisdom and speedy programming has earned him the nickname "Ninja".

Education: BSc in Medialogy from Aalborg University.

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Pierce the mundane,
find the marvellous

Louise Ellermann

Louise Ellermann

/ Senior Digital Art Director

The Experience Designer & starving artist

An Art Director since 2010, Louise is a creative perfectionist with the ability to pull together seemingly disparate elements into cohesive digital designs that drop jaws.

In a different era, she probably would have been a renowned weaver.

Education: Multimedia Design at the Zealand Institute of Business and Technology.

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Those who dares,

Janni Eghøj Hansen

Janni Eghøj Hansen

/ Account Manager

The Relationship Builder & Marketing Advisor

Janni shares her sales and strategic marketing experience freely, helping companies find the right techniques to increase sales potential.

Our under-promising, over-delivering, results-oriented, bottom-line thinker.

Education: Bachelor of International Sales and Marketing Management from VIA University College.

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More facts,
less opinions

Deniz Güngor

Deniz Güngör

/ Online Marketing Consultant

The Data Analyst & number cruncher

Our guide to the strategic use of SEM / SEO, Deniz knows Google's Adwords and Analytics panels like the back of his hands.

Not only certified with Google, Deniz also has a multitude of certificates related to astrology. Yep, it’s all about alignment.

Education: Bachelor's degree in Communications and Business Studies from Roskilde University.

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